KATH refutes claims of fake doctor involvement in patient care

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The administration of Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) has strongly refuted claims that the fake doctor apprehended at the hospital on Monday, September 4, 2023, had any involvement in patient care at the referral center.

In an official statement released by the hospital, the Director of Public Relations clarified the sequence of events leading to the suspect’s arrest. According to the statement, the individual in question was intercepted by the Director of Nursing Services while on the walkway behind the A&E Centre.

“The suspect was not found in any of the service points at the hospital but accosted at an open space and could therefore, not be said to have attended to patients as being circulated”, the statement explained.

The hospital disclosed that the Director of Nursing Services’ suspicion was raised by the young man’s responses to inquiries about his identity and purpose within the hospital premises. It was during her routine rounds that she encountered the individual, who was carrying a backpack and wearing attire bearing the name ‘Dr. Williams Cyril Cohen.’

Upon questioning, the suspect claimed he had merely passed through the hospital to deliver an item to someone before attempting to hastily depart. Sensing something amiss, the Director of Nursing Services raised the alarm, leading to the suspect’s apprehension as he attempted to flee. Subsequently, he was handed over to the police.

The hospital’s statement also clarified its operational structure, emphasizing the existence of a team-based system responsible for both inpatient care and outpatient services. Individuals not affiliated with these integrated teams do not have access to patient care facilities within the hospital.

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Furthermore, the hospital highlighted its recent implementation of a computerized clinical operations system, the Electronic Medical Records System, which is exclusively accessible to accredited staff members using unique passwords. This emphasized that non-staff members cannot perform diagnoses, reviews, or prescribe medications for patients.

Consequently, the hospital dismissed claims that the suspect had treated patients and administered medications prior to his arrest as untrue.

The statement concluded by assuring the public that the hospital maintains stringent protocols to safeguard patient care and privacy, and any claims suggesting otherwise are without merit. It also highlighted that patient care services at the hospital are exclusively managed by accredited staff members using secure electronic systems.

This clarification from KATH aims to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the incident and to reinforce public confidence in the hospital’s commitment to patient safety and care.

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