Kaywa Entrusts Former Label Signees to God Amidst Heartbreak

Kaywa, the well-known music producer, sound engineer, and CEO of Highly Spiritual record label, has decided to entrust his former label signees to divine guidance after they abandoned him, despite his significant investments in their careers that helped propel them to fame.

Several artists, including Kurl Songx, Yaw Berk, Krymi, Keche, and others, were previously under the Highly Spiritual record label.

In recent times, musicians Lasmid and Mr Drew have also chosen to part ways with the label. For record labels, it can be emotionally challenging to dedicate time, money, and effort to nurturing emerging artists, only to witness them sever ties just as they begin to gain popularity and financial success.

While some artists opt for independent careers, others inflict further pain by joining more financially lucrative and prominent record labels, leaving their former label behind.

During an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Kaywa, whose real name is David Kojo Kyei, expressed his preference for entrusting his former artists to a higher power instead of harboring resentment or speaking ill of them. He believes in letting go and allowing divine intervention to guide their paths.

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“I know how painful it can be to invest in new artistes only for them to leave when they reach their peak but that is life. If I should consider all these, I would not sign on any artiste again but one thing I tell myself is that I am building national assets.

“Everyone knows the role I played in the lives of all the artistes who left my record label. The little impact I made in their careers is enough joy for me and if they become like the Sarkodies, Shatta Wales and Stonebwoys, I will take the credit for that. Dr Duncan might not be very wealthy but everyone knows what he did for Sarkodie”,

Kaywa acknowledged the difficulties associated with signing artists, particularly the problem of poaching. He voiced his frustration with individuals or other record labels luring artists away with enticing offers.

He appealed to those involved in poaching to collaborate with the original record labels rather than resorting to backdoor tactics to convince artists to leave.

When asked if he would consider working with any of his former artists if they were to return, Kaywa made it clear that such a possibility was not feasible. At Highly Spiritual record label, their policy dictates that once an artist departs, there is no opportunity for a comeback. However, he mentioned that maintaining a good relationship outside of a professional capacity is still possible.

Despite the challenges encountered when artists choose to leave, Kaywa remains dedicated to his craft and focuses on nurturing new talent while striving to make a lasting impact in the music industry.

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