King Promise Reveals Challenges of Collaboration in Ghana’s Music Industry

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King Promise, the acclaimed hitmaker of “Terminator,” recently shared insights into the challenges of collaboration within Ghana’s music industry, shedding light on a prevalent mentality that views cooperation as rivalry.

In an interview with content producer Kwadwo Sheldon, King Promise recounted an incident where he was denied performance rights by a fellow Ghanaian artist staging a concert in London.

The artist, who remains unnamed, refused to allow King Promise to join him on stage despite King Promise’s willingness to show support.

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This incident highlights the complexities and difficulties that musicians face when attempting to collaborate and support each other within the music industry.

In expressing his perspective on the issue, King Promise emphasized the need for unity among Ghanaian musicians, stating, “It’s just the mentality of Ghanaians. Like I always say, it is not us against each other; it is us against the world.”

He shared his disappointment at the refusal to collaborate, emphasizing that the intent was to demonstrate mutual support rather than engage in competition.

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The artist went on to highlight positive experiences collaborating with Nigerian musicians, such as Wizkid and Omah Lay, who welcomed him on stage during events. King Promise contrasted these instances with the challenges faced within the Ghanaian music scene, suggesting that there may be a perception of competition rather than a collaborative spirit.

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