‘Law enforcement works in Dubai better than Ghana’ – Ras Nene shares Dubai experience

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Ghanaian actor Ras Nene, also known as Dr Lykee, has shared his first experience in Dubai.

The Kumawood star is currently in Dubai – a popular city in the United Arab Emirates and one of the world-renown tourist destinations – for the first time but he has learned more than expected.

According to him, law enforcement works in Dubai better than in Ghana. He said their laws do not discriminate or favour anyone, no matter their status.

In his first interview with Adom TV from Dubai, he said even people in authority are equally punished for breaking the law as ordinary citizens.

He said the refusal to wear a nose mask can attract up to 3,000 Emirati dirhams (which is nearly GHC5,000) fine.

“Law enforcement works in Dubai better than Ghana,” he told Adom TV. “As I speak to you, I have my nose mask on. If you are caught without a nose mask, you will be fined 3,000 Emirati dirhams. When that money is converted into the Ghana cedis, it will be 5,000.”

Ras Nene disclosed that the laws in Dubai show no mercy to anyone and that nobody is above the law.

“Their laws don’t care about your status in society. Nobody is above the law. When you break the law, you will be dealt with the same way an ordinary citizen would be dealt with.”

He said Dubai’s development can be credited to law enforcement, truth and accountability, and with strong backing from the media.

“What I observed is that law and accountability have helped them develop. Their media also helps a lot,” he disclosed.

He said restaurants in Dubai observe time. Nobody is allowed to enter restaurants after a certain strict time.

“Restaurants in Dubai also work with time. After 10:30 (time of day not stated), you will not be allowed to enter any restaurant. Time is time, they don’t bend the rules. They do not accept any apology either.”

Ras Nene concluded that cleanliness is key in Dubai, adding that he will replicate their cleanliness on his return to Ghana.

“The city is clean as well. Nobody litters. That is one thing I learned in Dubai. When I’m back in Ghana, I’ll sweep the streets. This shouldn’t be the responsibility of only Zoomlion.”

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