Let’s appeal ban on celebrities from endorsing alcoholic drinks and betting companies – Camidoh to his colleagues

Singer, Camidoh, has urged his colleagues in the creative arts industry to appeal the law that prevents them from endorsing alcoholic beverages and betting companies.

“We in the creative industry really need to come together and proper(ly) appeal the law/embargo on celebrities endorsing alcoholic beverages, betting companies etc,” he wrote in a post on Twitter on April 6, 2022

In 2015, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) banned celebrities in the country from associating in any way with alcoholic beverages. The Authority explained that, the decision was in consonance with a World Health Organization (WHO) policy that is focused on curbing minors who may be influenced into alcoholism.

When the law was established, many celebrities, especially musicians such as, Shatta Wale and Wendy Shay did not hide their distaste about the ban.

Camidoh has raised the issue again. He entreated other celebrities to come together and demand the withdrawal of the law because, they are not just losing endorsement deals but the law is “no way serving its purpose.”

“These brands are going over to Nigeria and other countries and paying their celebrities what could have been receiving. It’s not like we even get proper financial assistance from government at the moment.”

Per his observations, betting companies are “thriving” and the public has not reduced its intake of alcoholic drinks “regardless” of the implementation of the law.

“In my humble opinion the ban is in no way serving its purpose because we see these betting companies thriving & consumers are consuming these beverages regardless,” he wrote.

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