Man Shares Reasons why Davido went back to his baby mama Chioma

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A netizen with the Twitter name Dr. Penkings has explained why Nigerian rapper Davido reconciled with his baby mother, Chioma after they split up.

Davido and one of his baby mamas, Chioma, split up about two years ago when rumors circulated that Chioma prevented Davido from visiting his children with the other baby moms in the United States.

According to the young doctor, Davido returned to Chioma because she is one of Nigeria’s few drama-free girls. He added that despite Davido’s celebrity, Chioma has never sought clout with his name.

He went on to say that despite their protracted breakup, Chioma never gave interviews criticizing Davido or what caused their breakup, making her an outlier.

“Are you wondering why Davido came back? A girl like Chioma is extremely rare to find anywhere. 99% of Nigerian girls would have used Davido’s name to chase clout when he left. There is no way you wouldn’t hear that his penis is like a broomstick and he ejaculates in 20 seconds”.

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“when he looks at a woman undress. Many media interviews would have been granted. Many things would have been written on Twitter. Many sheds would have been thrown. She didn’t do any of these. People even literally tried to push her to say things, not on one or two occasions but she totally ignored them.

Do you know what it means to have a person like Davido break up with you and you don’t drag the hell out of him? That would have meant more popularity, more brand endorsements, and more money. She let all slide. What is more? She didn’t mess herself around.

“Davido realized he couldn’t meet a woman like that anywhere. Most Men love mysterious women.” He tweeted.


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