Meek Mill Shoots Music Video At The Jubilee House And Uses The Presidential Podium

Ghanaians are irritated in the wake of seeing footage of US rapper Meek Mill shooting a music video in the Jubilee House.

Numerous Ghanaians via social media platforms have communicated their displeasure at what they depict as discourteous and unsuitable conduct by the American Rapper.

The piece of the video that has gotten many talking and really caused some disruption when the Rapper was seen making a an address utilizing the official podium of the President.

This is unsuitable, might he at any point have done that in the US- Numerous citizens have altogether seethed.

Then again, President Akufo-Addo has been called out for giving simple admittance to big names who come into the country.

Ghanaians accept he has made himself with such ease open to guests all for the sake of advancing the travel industry, a lamentable development that has given Meek Mill the dauntlessness to shoot a video at the seat of government.

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