MKG Celebrates 15 years of active production in Choral Music

Ghanaian – based Togolese profilic Choral music Composer, MKG celebrates his 15 years of the God’s goodness in the active musicianship. In an interview with Ted News Ghana, the Composer made it known to us who he is and what are his plans to commemorate this celebration.


1. Who is MKG?

Affectionately referred to as “Apetovia”, MKG stands for Mawufemowo Kokuvi GAVO. MKG is the current Music Director of Kekeli EP (Evangelical Presbyterian) Church in Accra, Tema Community 11.

He is a composer of choral songs and sacred music in general, arranger and sound engineer, Managing Director of Femo Production (FMP)

2. Where did his passion for music come from?

His father Rev Dr GAVO Jérémie being choirmaster, organist and composer was his source of inspiration and it is the one who brought him to music.

3. When and How did MKG come to musical composition?

Very young, in 2005 at E.E.P.T ( Evangelical Presbyterian’ Church, Togo) Tokoin Centre, he began to follow in the footsteps of his senior brothers such as Carlos Gomado, Jonathan Gameda and Pépito Sadjo. He therefore learned from these brothers, very upset in the music Chants choral in Togo. It was in 2007 that he composed his first piece. Training after training, here is where God has brought him.

4. How many songs have been composed to date?

200 and more. (60 for the first collection and 100 for the second collection which will be released soon).

5. 15 years of musical career. What should we expect during this celebration?

The celebration will begin in February and ends in October 2022. Singles will be released and performed by different choirs from Togo and Ghana. The apotheosis is scheduled for the month of October in Tema in Ghana* with the participation of some choirs from Togo and Ghana.

6. What are your final words?

So far you have guided us, Lord. I am infinitely grateful to you for my life, that of my team members, my choirs, and that of my fans and followers …

I ask for the abundance of your grace, your wisdom, your intelligence and your blessing.

Special Thanks to those you who keep encouraging me, helping me in one way or another. May my God turn his face towards you and bless you all with advantages

For the future, I still need you, and I ask you to always be there so that together we raise our standard high, JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior.

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