Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation (MSCF) together with Nurture Nature Foundation (NNF) and Feminine Strength Foundation (FSF) have launched the MNF living Lab project at the James Town Beach in Accra Ghana.

The project was launched at the James Town Beach on the 7th of May 2023. The aim of the project is to enhance sanitation, promote clean oceans and beaches and further support youth development and gender equality within the Jamestown Beach area.

From floods, sanitation, plastic waste, air pollution, etc., cities around the world are facing substantial detrimental effects of climate change and ongoing urbanization and the Jamestown Beach which is located in the city of Accra is no exception. The Jamestown Beach harbors tons of plastic waste which comes from the city center and finds its way through the lagoon and into the ocean and finally to the doorsteps of the coastal dwellers. This causes serious environmental and social problems with many dire health and social implications for the residents, especially children and women.

The MNF living lab which was designed in an innovative and citizen-driven paradigm aims to address the environmental and social challenges associated with climate change and urbanization in a sustainable way. The project will focus on advocating for the proper disposal and management of waste materials from the inner city and also set up a task force to collect and segregate waste materials.


Some of these waste materials will be further transformed into arts and crafts with economic value. The project will equally engage females at all levels and also include them in the various trainings that will be planned for project team members. The project will also pay serious attention to the transformation of waste materials into arts and crafts in a bid to develop the expertise of local artists including girls in addressing the sanitation challenge and also create employment at the Jamestown Beach.

Mr. Desmond Mantey founder and CEO of MSCF hinted that he is hopeful the project will bring about a positive change in the lives of the coastal dwellers at the Jamestown Beach and further called on stakeholders to come on board to support the project. Mr. Mantey also stated that the project is in line with efforts to support the realization of the UN SDGs and the agenda of the UN World Urban Campaign.

NNF Director of Operation Mr. Peter Asiedu in his remarked assured the community that his organization will do well to ensure that the project will be a success by impacting positively on the lives of the people at the beach. Mrs. Mavis Sey, the founder and CEO of Feminine Strength Foundation hinted on the importance of girl’s involvement in the project and assured the community leaders that her outfit will do well to ensure that girls are involved in all stages of the project.

Hon. Festus Nii Ayi Hayford the Assembly member for the Ngleshie area on behalf of the community thanked the project facilitators for bringing such an innovative and life changing project to the beach, He also called on all stakeholders to come on board to make the project a success.

MNF Living Lab Project Team Management

  1. Desmond Mantey – MSCF Founder / CEO
  2. Laura Anna
  3. Deniella Adjei
  4. Peter Asiedu – Director of Operations
  5. Mavis Sey – FSF Founder / CEO

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