Moderator of EPCG Calls for Diplomatic means in resolving Coup in Niger.

The current coup in Niger, a member of the ECOWAS COMMUNITY had sparked so many reactions from neighbouring countries, bringing to the table a consideration by ECOWAS to send troops to restore democracy in the country.

Wading into the discourse, The Moderator of General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. B.D.K Agbeko (rtd) has called on the ECOWAS community to use Diplomatic means in resolving the current coup in Niger.

Speaking to the media during the Joint General Assembly/ Synod of E.P. Church, Ghana (EPCG) and Église Évangélique Presbytérienne du Togo (EEPT) on Friday, August 18, 2023 at Ho in the Volta region, the Moderator said Diplomatic means are the best option and not to commit people into going to war for the sake of restoring the government that might be non-performing.

He added that; “there’s nothing good in this and so the ECOWAS community should find a better way in solving this. He bemoaned “…I want to remind everybody that, we all have families and relations in the military and this is not a war to fight.”

He added that, “going to war” will lead to losing troops when the coup itself did not cause any death; why should people go and commit their lives into this kind of situation? He also noted “…the cost to us is more than the benefits therefore we should not venture into this” says the retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Ghana Armed Forces.

The Moderator advised that, the Government of Ghana and the other member states of ECOWAS not commit their countries troops into this course. He concluded with the prayer “May the good Lord give us wisdom as we deploy the best approach to solving this issue at hand, Amen!.”

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