MP of Okaikwei North Donates 40 Beds to Achimota General Hospital, Pledges Future Expansion

In a ceremony held at the Achimota General Hospital, the Member of Parliament (MP) of Okaikwei North, Hon. Theresa Lardi Awuni, demonstrated her unwavering commitment to healthcare by donating 40 beds to the esteemed medical facility.

The event, organized by the hospital management to receive the generous contribution, was marked by heartfelt speeches and expressions of gratitude.

During her keynote address, the MP expressed her deep connection to Achimota General Hospital, stating that it had been her hospital since childhood. She emphasized the personal nature of her donation, declaring it to be a gesture from her heart. With a sincere dedication to promoting healthcare within her constituency, she recognized the vital role the hospital played in the community and deemed it her duty to contribute to its development.

In addition to the immediate donation of beds, the MP shared her vision for the future. She expressed her hope to add additional blocks to the hospital in the coming years, aiming to make a significant impact on its infrastructure and capabilities. By highlighting her long-term commitment to the hospital’s growth, she underscored her dedication to improving healthcare services for the people she represents.

MP donates 40 hospital beds to Achimota Hospital

The Medical Superintendent of Achimota General Hospital, Dr. Sowah, and other members of the hospital management attended the ceremony and conveyed their profound gratitude to the MP and her team for their benevolent gesture. They expressed appreciation for her understanding of the hospital’s needs and her proactive efforts to address them. The donated beds will undoubtedly enhance the hospital’s capacity to provide quality care to patients, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

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The MP’s donation of 40 beds to Achimota General Hospital not only demonstrates her commitment to healthcare but also serves as an inspiring example of public representatives actively contributing to their constituents’ well-being. As the hospital embraces this significant contribution, it sets a positive precedent for collaboration between governmental bodies and healthcare institutions, ultimately fostering an environment of improved healthcare delivery and support for the local community.


Michael Geze July 6, 2023 - 2:06 pm

God bless her

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