NIA Dismisses 10 Employees Over Misconduct and Extortion Allegations

In response to allegations of misconduct, extortion of funds from Ghana Card applicants, and breaches of the authority’s regulations, the National Identification Authority (NIA) has taken decisive action by dismissing 10 employees involved.

The determination to terminate these officers’ employment follows thorough investigations conducted by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, stationed at NIA’s headquarters in Acera.

The proven acts of misconduct occurred across various NIA offices, including the Head Office in Accra, Subin Sub-Metro District Office in Kumasi, Western Regional Office in Takoradi, Registrar General’s Department Office at Accra Central, Adentan Municipal Office, and La-Nkwantanang Municipal Office.

These actions not only deviated from NIA’s core principles of integrity and transparency but also tarnished the essence of NIA’s purpose, which is to foster trustworthiness, dependability, and credibility in public service delivery.

Addressing the matter during visits to NIA’s 16 Regional Offices nationwide, Prof. Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, the Executive Secretary of the NIA, reiterated the authority’s unwavering commitment to upholding professionalism, accountability, and ethical conduct.

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The dismissal of these officers sends a strong signal that adherence to fundamental human rights within the NIA will align with the swift application of the law, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a robust, ethical, and agile national institution.

To prevent such incidents in the future, Prof. Attafuah pledged to implement additional measures. These measures include bolstering internal oversight mechanisms, conducting regular integrity training for staff, and establishing a platform for citizens to report any instances of misconduct or irregularity they may encounter during their interactions with the NIA.

This recent action also involved interdicting the implicated officers, establishing a Disciplinary Committee of Inquiry to ensure a fair hearing in accordance with the law, and ultimately accepting the committee’s recommendations.

The allegations against the dismissed officers ranged from unauthorized fee demands and acceptance from Ghana Card applicants to manipulation of the registration system for personal gain.

This comprehensive approach demonstrates the NIA’s commitment to maintaining its reputation and promoting a culture of integrity and credibility in its services to the citizens of Ghana.

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