Nigeria: Delta State Police Detain Over 100 Individuals in Alleged Gay Wedding

The Delta State Police Command made a significant announcement on Tuesday, revealing that it had apprehended more than 100 individuals who were allegedly involved in a gay wedding ceremony at a hotel in Delta State, Nigeria.

This event marks yet another instance of law enforcement agencies cracking down on suspected homosexual activities in the country. Since the implementation of Nigeria’s anti-gay law in 2014, individuals suspected of engaging in same-sex relationships have been subject to arrest and public exposure by authorities.

The police in Delta State took to their official social media account, X (formerly Twitter), to share the news of the arrests. The suspects, who were detained during the alleged gay wedding ceremony, are expected to be publicly paraded soon.

“We’re bringing this out to the world to note, especially to Nigerians, that we’re in Africa and Nigeria. We cannot copy the Western world.

“We’re in Nigeria and we’ll follow the culture and rules of the land. We cannot watch and fold our arms, and I can guarantee the suspects will be charged to court,” DSP Edafe is quoted to have said in the statement.

This incident is reminiscent of previous cases in Nigeria where individuals suspected of being involved in homosexual activities have faced similar legal actions. In December 2020, the Lagos State Police Command arrested ten individuals on suspicion of engaging in homosexual activities within a brothel in Okota. Similarly, in 2018, 57 men were paraded by the police in Lagos State for allegedly participating in gay activities at a hotel in Egbeda.

More recently, in January 2022, eight individuals believed to be homosexuals were arrested at a hotel in Isolo, Lagos, on charges related to engaging in gay activities.

Nigeria’s anti-gay law, enacted in 2014, imposes severe penalties for individuals found guilty of engaging in same-sex relationships. Offenders could face a prison sentence of up to 14 years for participating in sexual activities with individuals of the same sex.

These incidents highlight the challenges and controversies surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and the treatment of individuals within the LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria. The enforcement of the anti-gay law continues to spark debates about human rights and discrimination in the country.

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