Nigerian Singer Yemi Alade survives car accident while on tour in Spain

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Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter Yemi Alade recently shared that she encountered a car accident while on tour in Spain.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, she recounted that the incident occurred last Thursday during her journey between Barcelona and Benicassim. Thankfully, there were no reported fatalities.

According to her account, the accident was sudden, but she managed to escape with minor injuries, albeit losing a fingernail.

Remarkably, Yemi Alade, known for her vibrant music, persevered through the experience and still performed on stage just a few hours after the accident occurred.

However, she later faced a “minor medical emergency” resulting from the incident. Despite the challenges, Alade expressed her gratitude to God for seeing her through the ordeal, emphasizing that “His Grace is more than sufficient.”

Her ability to continue performing after the accident serves as a testament to her dedication and resilience.

Source: Ghana Music Live

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