No Bad Blood Between King Promise and I—Stonebwoy Clarifies

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Stonebwoy, who won the 2024 Telecel Ghana Music Award for Artiste of the Year, has clarified that there is no animosity between him and fellow artist King Promise. Despite not responding to King Promise’s congratulatory message on social media platform X, Stonebwoy emphasized that this was not an intentional slight.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, Stonebwoy explained that he had not responded to many congratulatory messages, and King Promise’s message was among them. He assured that there was no negative intention behind his lack of response and that he harbored no ill feelings towards King Promise.

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“I have seen King Promise’s congratulatory message, but I did not respond. I just saw it and didn’t think to respond,” Stonebwoy said. “There are so many people whose messages I’ve not responded to, so it’s in that basket. Believe me, there is nothing attached to it at all. It’s nice to congratulate people, and I am not that petty.”

Stonebwoy further stressed that there should be no misunderstandings regarding their relationship, affirming that they are like brothers in the music industry. He recalled a time when he supported King Promise by appearing in his music video for “Hey Sexy,” despite his busy schedule.

“I plead and beg that people do not take it that far. There’s no bad blood, and I can never be seen that way with him,” he reiterated. “King Promise is one of our junior brothers in the industry.”

He urged the public not to create any unfounded stories about a rift between them, stating, “I do not believe I have any problem with my brother personally at all. We don’t play, so I don’t want anybody to start creating anything. If anybody chooses to create anything, they will have to deal with it the way it is, but I can’t get involved.”

Stonebwoy’s remarks aimed to put to rest any speculation and reaffirm the camaraderie among Ghanaian musicians.

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