NSS Allowance to be Increased?

The NSS Allowance should be increased, according to the National Union of Ghana Students.

Dennis Nana Appiah Larbi-Ampofo, the 56th President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), has requested a meeting with Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo.

The NUGS President raised several troubling issues concerning education in the country during the meeting. 

Mr. Larbi-Ampofo passionately requested at the meeting that the NSS allowance be increased from GH$559.00 to GH$800.00.

“As part of the request to the President of Ghana this afternoon, we made a passionate request for an increase in NSS allowance to 800 cedis!” he said in a tweet

Because of the current economic turmoil in Ghana, National Service Personnel should demand and enjoy the best of their service to mother Ghana.

He emphasized the increase in the NSS allowance, tweeting, “I repeat 559 is not in any way understandable!” As a result, he advocates for addressing such a critical issue.

“We are meeting with the NSS Management this evening; key on the agenda is the need to increase the NSS allowance to 800 cedis!” he tweeted.

At the current rate of the economy, the GH559.00 paid as NSS allowance cannot cover transportation to and from work, upkeep, and savings.

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