Our Country Is Considered The Beacon Of Democracy And Stability In Africa-Prez.Akuffo-Addo

President Akufo-Addo has lauded the country for rehearsing a vote based system as a type of administration.

Tending to the country on Friday on the 30th commemoration of the fourth Republic, he said “Ghana is a beacon of democracy and stability in Africa.”
He noted that the respect for the principles of democratic accountability, human rights and the rule of law has enabled us to oversee eight presidential elections in the 4th Republic.

He also said that democracy has helped in “five presidential transitions, and three peaceful transfers of power, through the ballot box, from one party to another.”

As indicated by him, with these triumphs chalked, the nation has the privilege to be pleased.

He further expressed that the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the fourth Republic ought to move us, significantly further, to clutch this status.

“Tomorrow, Saturday, 7th January 2023, will be exactly 30 years since the Constitution of the 4th Republic came into force, with the inauguration into office of the first President of the fourth Republic, His Excellency the late Jerry John Rawlings.”

It has roused the longest time of stable established administration in our set of experiences, with an agreement arising firmly that the majority rule type of administration is ideal, and the advantages are appearing. Thus the choice to celebrate 7th January as Constitution Day.

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