Over 20 Students Expelled From UG School of Law Due to Poor Academic Performance

Reports indicate that the University of Ghana School of Law has made the decision to withdraw over 20 students due to their academic non-performance.

A comprehensive list, including the names and ID numbers of the affected students, has been released, revealing that they have failed to meet the minimum requirements required to sustain their enrollment in the University of Ghana School of Law.

Out of the students who have been withdrawn, four of them were regular Law students, while the remaining 19 were Weekend students who were admitted in the past two years to pursue the Postgraduate LLB Degree at the University of Ghana School of Law.

The dismissed students were informed about their status several weeks ago and were given the opportunity to reapply to the school if they were interested in pursuing admission through a new application process.

The list of withdrawn students includes individuals from various professional backgrounds, including some who hold prominent positions and have familial connections to influential politicians.

Despite their diverse professional backgrounds and influential connections, the failure to meet the minimum academic standards has led to the dismissal of these students from the institution.

The University of Ghana School of Law, renowned as the foremost institution for legal education in Ghana, has consistently assumed a prominent role in equipping students for the legal profession.

Upon completing their studies at the School of Law, graduates proceed to the Ghana School of Law Makola for additional training, which is a crucial step towards becoming practicing lawyers in Ghana.

The UG School of Law was initially established as a department within the Faculty of Social Studies during the academic year 1958/59. It subsequently gained independent status as a separate Faculty in the academic year 1960/61 and ultimately achieved full recognition as a school in the academic year 2014/15.

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