Pat Thomas Recounts Terrifying Experience After Smoking Weed with Fela Kuti

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Renowned highlife musician, Pat Thomas, recently shared a captivating and somewhat unsettling tale of his encounter with the legendary Fela Kuti in Nigeria, an experience that almost drove him to the brink of madness due to marijuana consumption.

In an exclusive interview with Blakk Rasta on 3FM, Pat Thomas vividly recounted the unforgettable journey to Nigeria alongside his close friend and manager, Sunny. Their purpose was to meet the iconic Fela at one of his famous clubs.

Upon arriving at Fela’s club, Pat Thomas found himself in the magnetic presence of the musical genius. It was during this encounter that Fela, known for his fondness for marijuana, encouraged Pat to join him in smoking the legendary “Fela Goro” weed.

“I remember I went to Fela’s house in Nigeria, myself and a friend who was managing me, his name is Sunny, a very good friend of Fela. And it happened that he took me to Nigeria, we went to Fela’s club, and the next day he took me to the house, and it is this weed that I am talking about, you know Fela had something they call Fela Goro,” he narrated.

According to the “Sika Ye Mogya” singer, after taking just one puff of Fela’s weed, he immediately felt dizzy and experienced a sense of near madness.

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“So, as Fela saw me, he took one, and then he gave me one (weed). My manager told me, ‘charley try some.’ Charley, me this thing, I fear, but I wanted to show guy guy to Fela that me too, adey smoke. So, the moment I smoked, what happened to me, I wished you were there, I was feeling dizzy badly, but he was just smoking, I nearly went mad,” he added.

Looking back on the experience, Pat Thomas admitted that the encounter with Fela and his potent marijuana left a lasting impression on his memory. The night’s events became an unforgettable chapter in the story of his life’s journey. The effects of the marijuana were profound, and Pat Thomas was taken to the edge of sanity by its potency.

While the encounter with Fela Kuti was undoubtedly a remarkable moment in his career, the experience with the potent marijuana was both fascinating and harrowing for Pat Thomas. Despite the challenges he faced that night, he emerged with a unique and unforgettable story to tell about his time with the legendary Fela Kuti in Nigeria.

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