Player Of The Month Awarded With Crates Of Eggs

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Africa has incredible football gifts however the improvement of the game on the continent is fairly experiencing a plunge.

The abilities showed by numerous Africans across the different leagues in Europe is obvious to the extraordinary footballers supplied in the area.

In the interim, the absence of inspiration and less fortunate compensation by and large is obstructing the game’s advancement.

Many clubs across the mainland pay compensation far beneath what’s being presented in Europe and different areas of the planet.

Second division clubs somewhere else are preferable compensated over top  league clubs in Africa.

What has occurred in the Zambia Super League  as of late has started discussions via social media platforms after a player pronounced as top player of the month was given 5 creates  of eggs as his prize.

A picture posted by Osagy Football Move News on Facebook with the inscription “Musonda was the Zambia league top player of the month and was awarded with 5 creates of eggs” conveys an unfortunate message about Zambia as well as the continent in general.

Regardless of the honor not being a pay, it signals what could presumably be given to players in the league as wages.

It’s time Africa as a continent need to arise to understand the narrative and comprehend the endeavors of this players,creates of eggs given to a player of the month doesn’t commend the Zambian super league.

Something significant might have been given to this player for his commitment to the Zambian super league, however this is Africa and we remaining cautiously optimistic consistently that approaches to doing things will change.

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