Preparations for 9th NSMQ title already underway – PRESEC headmaster

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Headmaster David Odjidja from Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC) revealed that they are already making plans to hold on to their 8th National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) title, despite having already won it.

Odjidja spoke to Bernard Avle on the Citi Breakfast Show, remarking that they take the 8th trophy as a project. He went on to explain that after the jubilation of last year’s win, the team got right back to work in less than a day.

Odjidja elucidated that the competitors had to go through intense training for two years in advance of the contest. “The young men were chosen at the start of Form 1 two years ago and have been practising during all of their holidays.”

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At the PRESEC school, the Headmaster expressed the significance of the trophy to commemorate the 85th anniversary. He remarked, “This trophy is an absolute necessity for the event.”

The students’ anxiety was apparent when Achimota School posed a set of True/False questions in the fourth round, which they struggled to answer.

He recounted the experience, saying that it was extremely unpleasant, especially being in the hall. However, they were given some reprieve prior to the start of round 4, as they had a decent lead, and still had expectations of winning in the last round. Fortunately, Achimota School did not completely fill the gap. Even though it was difficult, they still put their faith in God.

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Odjidja was grateful to the parents of the competitors for granting their children the opportunity to participate in the NSMQ tournament. “I am thankful to all of the parents for their hard work and dedication. I am also appreciative of all the stakeholders who have supported us and been part of our journey.”

At the conclusion of the competition, PRESEC ended with 40 points, while Achimota School, in second place, had 28 points, and Opoku Ware School, who came in third, earned 23 points.

The PRESEC was granted an amount of GH¢70,000, with Achimota School getting GH¢50,000 and Opoku Ware receiving GH¢35,000.

No other school can boast the same level of success as this one, which has managed to win the championship title two times in a row and now holds a record of eight total victories.

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