‘Rev. Obofour doesn’t pay the ladies he sleeps with’ – Afia Schwarzenegger claims

Ghanaian controversial social media influencer Afia Schwarzenegger alleges that Rev. Obofour does not pay a dime when he sleeps with ladies.

Afia Scwarzenegger made this cases after Ayisha Modi blamed her for imploring her to persuade the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) to invest her USD50,000 into her water business.

A few weeks ago, Ayisha claimed in an Instagram post that she gave money to Afia Schwarzenegger to buy birthday gifts for her adopted daughter, Pena. She further claimed that Afia begged her to convince Rev Obofour to give her a loan of GHC50,000 to invest in her pure water business.

But the socialite says that, the claims by Ayisha are false and that Antoa should strike her dead if she drags her daughter’s name on her social media pages.

“If I, Mother, never asked you for a penny to buy something for Pena and you lie, may Antoa and Abokyerewa strike you dead,” Afia said in a video she posted on Instagram today. “Antoa should kill anyone who drags my daughter’s name, and may Antoa use their family members as Thanksgiving sacrifice.”

“If anyone posts photos and videos of my daughter on their page and spread lies about her, may Antoa strike you dead. I will thank the gods with cows,” she said.

She further denied asking for money from Rev Obofour and also claimed that the preacher doesn’t pay the women he sleeps with.

“Also, listen. When Rev Obofour sleeps with women, he doesn’t pay. I wouldn’t ask for GHC50,000 from him if he doesn’t pay for sex. I have two children. If they were hungry, I wouldn’t add one more. Pena hasn’t committed any sin, so if you open your mouth to spread lies about her, may Antoa strike you dead.”

Ayisha Modi has responded to Afia Schwarzenegger’s curse, saying it will rebound and maintained that Afia asked for money from Rev Obofour.

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