Rwanda and Cameroon execute Military reshuffles amidst Coup

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In the wake of recent coup events in Niger and Gabon, both the Rwandan and Cameroonian governments have carried out significant military reshuffles, possibly as a response to the unfolding situations.

Rwanda, as reported by the national newspaper News Times, witnessed the retirement of 12 generals and several officers, a move approved by the Federal Government. This decision was officially communicated by the Rwanda Defence Force on Wednesday, August 30.

Notable figures among those retired include four-star generals James Kabarebe and Fred Ibingira, as well as three-star generals Charles Kayonga and Frank Mushyo Kamanzi. Kabarebe and Kayonga have previously held the positions of Chief of Defence Staff of the RDF.

This retirement announcement extends to various other ranks, encompassing senior officers, junior officers, and senior non-commissioned officers. The statement issued disclosed that 83 senior officers, six junior officers, and 86 senior non-commissioned officers were retired, while 678 contracts that had ended were not renewed, and 160 medical discharges were also noted.

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Meanwhile, in Cameroon, President Paul Biya has also undertaken a military reshuffling, manifesting his response to the evolving regional dynamics. The President’s decision is communicated in an official statement, originally written in French, the country’s official language.

These strategic military changes in both Rwanda and Cameroon are indicative of a proactive approach by their governments to ensure stability and safeguard their respective nations from the recent spate of military coups in the West African region.

The reshuffles underscore a broader regional concern regarding the potential for political and military instability, prompting preemptive measures to maintain internal security and protect against any disruptive elements that could threaten national stability.

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