Sarkodie Has Legal Recourse if Defamed by Yvonne Nelson – Arnold Baidoo

According to entertainment pundit Arnold Baidoo, rapper Sarkodie has the right to take legal action against actress Yvonne Nelson if he feels that the revelations in her book, “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” have defamed him.

During an appearance on UTV, Arnold expressed that Sarkodie has several options available to him for responding to Yvonne’s book.

If Sarkodie feels his image defamed by the shocks in the books, he can sue for defamation, he can also take action for breach of privacy, in a response also he can equally write a book or rather choose not to respond”

“Every name mentioned in the book has every right to take action should they feel defamed by the content”

The release of Yvonne Nelson’s book has sparked significant online discussions due to the shocking revelations contained within it.

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