Shakira has allegedly ‘Cursed’ Spain Team after shocking exit from World Cup

After Spain’s squad was eliminated from the Qatar World Cup 2022 by a tarot card reader, Shakira was blamed for cursing the Spanish team.

Mhoni Vidente made an odd claim about the Waka Waka hitmaker in her television show, saying that she had paid her to do a “ritual” for the squad.

“The one that worked completely was Shakira’s curse, a curse that she put on the Spanish team,” Vidente said as per Marca Magazine.

“Shakira, the ritual you paid me for worked so that they would not do well,” she added.

Shakira made the declaration after telling the media to stop insinuating that she is dating her surfing instructor, according to multiple publications.

“Out of respect for my children and the vulnerable moment they are going through, I ask the media to stop the speculation,” she said.

“I have no partner and nothing other than devoting myself entirely to my children and their welfare,” the mother-of-two added.


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