Showboy denies deportation and presence in Ghana

Sam Safo, also known as Showboy, has denied reports of being deported after his release from prison. Showboy, the co-founder of AMG and CEO of 2Hype Gang, recently returned to Ghana after serving a six-year prison sentence for stabbing Junior US, another Ghanaian residing in the United States.

Contrary to social media claims about his expulsion and arrival in Ghana, Showboy has yet to make a public appearance. During a chat with Snapchat writer Sel the Bomb, Showboy clarified that although he has been released from prison, he is currently still in the United States. He intends to travel to Ghana at his own convenience and urged everyone to disregard the circulating rumors.

Addressing the issue of his deportation, Showboy admitted that he had not been removed from the United States. Instead, he disclosed that he received a 15-year sentence with the possibility of parole after six years. Now that his sentence has expired and he has been granted parole, he must maintain good behavior for the next nine years. However, Showboy acknowledges that staying out of trouble in the United States may pose a challenge for him.

Despite his release, Showboy has not yet publicly emerged, leaving social media users speculating about his whereabouts. Social media reports of his expulsion and return to Ghana have been met with skepticism as Showboy himself confirmed that he is still in the United States. Showboy’s conversation with Sel the Bomb serves as evidence of his statement, shedding light on the misunderstanding surrounding his current location.

With the screenshot of his chat, Showboy aims to refute the rumors and clarify the situation. He emphasizes that he will make the journey to Ghana when it is convenient for him, dismissing any claims of immediate deportation. As Showboy plans his future endeavors and adjusts to life outside of prison, he calls for the public to disregard the inaccurate information circulating online and await his official public appearance.

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