Social media fans reacts to Baphomet symbol projected at Black Sherif’s New York Concert

Following the projection of the Baphomet symbol during Ghanaian phenomenon Black Sherif’s performance at the Palladium in New York City, a wave of social media comments have been generated.

A sizable number of fans and music lovers attended the concert on Saturday, May 20, 2023, where the tragedy occurred.

While Black Sherif was giving his mesmerizing act, the Baphomet sign, which is frequently connected to occultism and Satanic iconography, appeared on the stage’s backdrop.

Fans have expressed their amazement, uncertainty, and worry about this unexpected visual aspect, which was uploaded via microblogging site on Monday, May 22, 2013, sparking a flurry of comments and arguments on the social media channel.

A Ghanaian MC and PR specialist named Portfoliothemc uploaded the video online and questioned the decision, but he quickly responded by saying it was only “art.”

Many people have used social media to express their opinions and feelings about the tragedy.

Some people expressed their dissatisfaction, saying they were surprised by the usage of such contentious symbols and had anticipated a different form of visual display.

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Others questioned whether the Baphomet emblem was a purposeful aesthetic choice or a manufacturing blunder, and they hypothesized about the possible motivations for its inclusion.

Radio host, Erskine Amo Whyte added his two cents to the debacle online. He wrote, “Portfolio my brother, trust me eh!! Spiritually, this can never ever be expensive that the power God has put in the boys brand! Ah you think God can be defeated by a picture of his opps? The Almighty God we know? Kai! We didn’t see the speed he put the boy on? It is art p3!”

They argued that the inclusion of the symbol might have been intended as a thought-provoking element rather than an endorsement of any particular belief system.

“So you guys still don’t realize this Artwork is to depict his album ‘The VILLAIN I never was’ ? So this is to represent a Villian Not any Baphomet,” another social media user asserted.

As word of the Baphomet symbol projection spreads, it has also sparked a larger discussion regarding artists like Sarkodie, Rihanna, and Jay-Z who have been linked to occultic groups and societies and the effect that such rumors have had on their families and friends.

Black Sherif and his management have kept quiet about the incident, therefore it is unclear how it will effect Black Sherif’s career, how people perceive his music, or how the use of visuals will alter how people understand it.

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[…] Also Read: Social media fans reacts to Baphomet symbol projected at Black Sherif’s New York Concert […]


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