Surfline Shuts down data centre, radio access network

Customers at Surfline, which prides itself on being Ghana’s first 4G LTE provider of quick and dependable internet services, are in limbo due to major financial troubles.

As a result, the business has closed its data center.

The company, which aggressively entered the market with exclusive services and product offerings, had abruptly shut down its radio access network earlier, leaving its subscribers perplexed.

The company’s action is allegedly the result of significant expense problems.

The Daily Graphic received confirmation from the industry watchdog, National Communications Authority (NCA), regarding the company’s grave situation and the reasons it is unable to continue providing its services.

The NCA Director-General, Joe Anokye, said: “So, Surfline actually wrote to us that they shut down their data centre.

Prior to that, they informed us that they were shutting down their radio access network because of cost.”

He said the NCA was working to issue a press release to clarify issues concerning Surfline “but I think it’s a major liquidity issue.”

According to Mr. Anokye, the business was having significant problems with several of its key vendors, “and I think it’s been very challenging for them.”

On the company’s home page on its website, it has left a notice which reads:

Surfline has, in the past few days, experienced a total network downtime, resulting in a service interruption for some of you. Please be assured that Surfline management is working very hard with all stakeholders to resolve the matter. It goes without saying that the validity of your data bundle will be extended proportionally, once the network is up again. Surfline will also ensure that you, as our cherished customers, are compensated for all the inconvenience. We are grateful to you for bearing with us and very much appreciative of your custom.

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