Team Wanderlust Recount 9-Hour Detention Ordeal in Mauritanian During Accra-London Trip

Similar to the saying that no success comes without effort, the group of Ghanaians who undertook a 10,000-kilometer road journey from Accra to London faced their share of challenges along the way.

During their 16-day journey, Team Wanderlust faced a mix of experiences, including mistreatment and a 9-hour detainment at the Mauritanian border.

Teddy Peprah, a member of the team, shared their ordeal during an interview on Accra’s Peace FM‘s Kokrokoo program. He described how the Mauritanian authorities subjected them to inhumane treatment before eventually allowing them to continue their journey.

“From Cote d’Ivoire, then we climbed the Mali border all the way to Senegal, we rested in Senegal for two days and used the days for servicing the cars, so we changed all the brake pads and others.

“So, we moved straight to Mauritania, for that place, Chairman General, respectfully we shouldn’t have said this on your program but frankly speaking they are not humanly friendly, they are not humanly friendly at all, they abused us, they are extortionists.

“There are so many stories about that border, at the Rosso border…they really went extreme, we sat there close to nine hours, we spent three hours at the border and later detained us for close to six hours.

“They said we were using tinted glass for the first two cars that entered the border, so we had to remove it, and after removing it, they said we should pay a fine for about seventy Euros, we paid them but after paying, they said they were detaining the cars for forty-eight hours also… it was from there that we drove to Morocco,” Peprah recalled.

Peprah also revealed that mentioning legendary Ghanaian footballer Abedi Pele and other well-known Ghanaian footballers helped facilitate their movement through certain countries.

“It has been an interesting journey if not for some borders where you have to pay immigration fees and other monies they demand from us, I would say people have been happy with our journey.

“For instance, when we arrived in Rabat (Morocco) heading to Tangier, we met this police rider who asked us where we come from and we answered Ghana, then he asked “Abedi Pele”?

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