They gave me GHS50 out of the GHS50,000 I stole, so I ‘snitched’ to the Police – Inmate confesses

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Kweku Stephen, a prisoner at the Ewutu Camp Prison, has shared a remarkable tale of how he took matters into his own hands and assisted in the arrest of his fellow thieves.

The incident occurred after they stole a substantial sum of GHC50,000 from a shop, but Kweku was only given GHC50 as his share. Feeling cheated and disappointed, he decided to seek justice.

Complaining about the unfair treatment, he demanded a more significant portion of the stolen money, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Determined to teach his teammates a lesson, he took a brave step and reported them to the police, which resulted in their arrest.

Kweku Stephen’s life had been fraught with criminal activities, which ultimately led to his imprisonment. He revealed that his troubled journey began with family neglect. Losing his mother at a young age and having an absent father as a hunter, he faced financial struggles.

One tragic incident occurred when his father gave money to his mother for his circumcision, but instead of using it for its intended purpose, she spent it on alcohol. This led to a heated argument between his parents, and in the ensuing struggle over a gun, his mother was accidentally shot and killed.

His father’s arrest and subsequent 12-year remand in prison left him under the care of his grandmother. Initially, she cared for him, but their relationship soured over time, and she labeled him a “bad boy.” Neglect and lack of support from his grandmother pushed him into a life of crime as he sought ways to fend for himself.

Kweku Stephen’s life has been a tumultuous journey, filled with tragedy and hardship. His act of reporting his fellow thieves shows a glimmer of remorse and a desire to make amends for his past actions. It is a story that underscores the importance of addressing underlying issues such as family neglect and providing support to vulnerable individuals to prevent them from resorting to criminal activities.

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