Tragic Ho Accident Claims 10 Lives: Authorities Investigate the Incident

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On Tuesday, a tragic collision occurred at the base of Galenku Hill in Ho Bankoe, involving a minibus and a garbage compactor, resulting in the loss of at least ten lives.

The devastating incident unfolded around 4 p.m. when a minibus traveling from Taviefe to Ho collided with a heavy-duty vehicle ascending the hill from the opposite direction.

Eyewitnesses reported that the minivan, registered as GR 1645 W, experienced brake failure while descending the hill, causing it to veer into the path of the oncoming truck.

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The impact was so severe that the truck was forced off the road, while the minivan suffered extensive damage beyond description. Atop the minivan were sheep and fowls, some of which also perished in the accident.

The Ghana National Fire Service spent approximately 30 minutes extricating the trapped truck driver from the wreckage. The scene was horrifying, with the deceased scattered on the road, including a mother and her infant daughter.

The heart-wrenching sight of the lifeless infant lying beside her deceased mother deeply affected onlookers. The National Ambulance Service arrived to transport the deceased and injured to the Ho Teaching Hospital.

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The incident has plunged the Volta Region capital into disarray, and as of now, the identities of the deceased and injured remain unknown.

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