UAE Authorities Issue Arrest Order for TikToker’s Cash-Flaunting Video

An individual of Asian nationality, dressed in Emirati attire, was captured on video attempting to purchase a luxury vehicle worth $545,000. The video has received significant backlash, as it is seen as insulting and mocking towards Emirati society and has the potential to generate harmful public opinions about its citizens.

In response, the Federal Prosecution for Combating Rumors and Cybercrimes has ordered the detention of the Asian man for further investigations. He is accused of exploiting the internet to spread provocative propaganda that incites public sentiment and undermines the public interest. Additionally, he is charged with publishing content that violates media standards and insults Emirati society.

The UAE’s Attorney General Office, through the Federal Bureau of Investigation, monitored the video clip in question. It depicts the defendant inside a luxury car showroom, accompanied by individuals carrying large sums of money.

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During the video, the man engages in an “arrogant” conversation with the showroom owner, expressing his intention to purchase a car valued at over AED 2 million ($545,000). Furthermore, he is seen distributing financial packages to the showroom staff in a manner that reflects imprudence and a lack of respect for the value of money.

The video is deemed likely to perpetuate incorrect and offensive stereotypes of Emirati citizens, mocking them and inciting negative public sentiment that goes against the public interest. As part of the investigation, the Public Prosecution has summoned the owner of the car showroom where the video was filmed.

In response to this incident, the Public Prosecution has urged social media users in the UAE to adhere to legal and ethical regulations governing the content they publish. It emphasizes the importance of considering the societal values and characteristics of Emirati society to avoid running afoul of the law.

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