University does not pay, I’m focused on doing music – Yaw Tog

Rapper Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, widely recognized as Yaw Tog, has disclosed that he currently has no immediate intentions to pursue further education.

He cited financial constraints as the primary reason behind this decision, explaining that he does not have sufficient savings to support his educational pursuits at the moment.

In a recent interview on Kumasi-based Hello FM, Yaw Tog expressed his dedication to his music career, emphasizing that it is currently his primary focus. He firmly believes that pursuing a university education does not guarantee immediate financial stability or provide the means to support oneself in life. As a result, he has devised a personal plan to prioritize making money before considering a return to school.

“I am doing music, I’m working so that’s what I’m focused on. University does not pay, university won’t give me money to survive in life so I’ve planned my life that I have to make money before I go back to school. If I go back to school, how will I fend for myself and what money will I use to pay my fees? He questioned.

Yaw Tog acknowledged the importance of education and revealed that he has set plans in motion for when he intends to resume his studies. However, he reiterated that his immediate priority is to accumulate the necessary funds to sustain himself and cover the expenses associated with pursuing higher education.

“I’ve made plans on when I will be going to school but right now I’m gathering the money,” he said

Recognizing and appreciating the hard work and sacrifices made by his parents, the talented artist behind the popular song ‘Sore’, Yaw Tog, expressed his desire not to become a financial burden on them by asking them to cover his school fees. He understands the financial responsibilities they already shoulder and wants to alleviate any additional financial strain they might face by pursuing higher education at this point in his life.

“Yeah everyone is supporting me. At my level, I cannot ask my old lady for money. I’m now the man of the house. It’s not like they have no control over me anymore but now I also contribute to take care of the family,” he said.

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