US Ambassador Warns Anti-LGBTQI Law Could Deter Investors from Ghana

Virginia Palmer, the United States Ambassador to Ghana, has issued a strong caution against the enactment of a bill that promotes discrimination against individuals who identify as homosexuals in the country.

In a clear message, Ambassador Palmer emphasized that several American companies are actively considering investments in Ghana.

However, she firmly conveyed that any legislation endorsing discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals has the potential to tarnish the nation’s reputation and consequently diminish its appeal to potential investors.

Ambassador Palmer’s warning underscores the interconnectedness of global business and social considerations. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, issues such as human rights and inclusivity play an important role in shaping the perceptions of nations on the international stage.

Her statement serves as a reminder that embracing diversity and upholding equal rights can positively impact a country’s image and potential for economic growth and investment.

Addressing journalists in Accra, Ambassador Palmer stated: “Lots of ethnic communities make Ghana strong, stable, and attractive for investments. I hope it stays that way with regard to the LGBTQ community. They should be managed to be made the colour of the money green or red if it’s Ghanaian, but if it is discrimination, then that will send a signal not to [only] LGBTQ investors and exporters but to other American companies. Then Ghana will be less welcoming…so I hope it stays that welcoming”

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In a related development, the Speaker of the Ghanaian Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has revealed that the anti-LGBTQI bill is slated to be passed into law by the conclusion of the current year.

During a discussion with a coalition of Muslim organizations, Bagbin confirmed the impending passage of the bill, assuring the assembled group that Parliament is committed to making the LGBTQ Bill a part of the legal framework by the end of 2023.

This announcement follows a recent parliamentary debate centered on the report provided by the Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee regarding the bill. The report illuminated the diverse perspectives held by both advocates and opponents of the bill.

According to the report, opponents argue that LGBTQ+ activities are encompassed within the purview of Article 33 (5) of the Constitution. This article focuses on recognizing specific rights and freedoms inherent in a democratic society, aimed at safeguarding the dignity and well-being of the populace. The ongoing discourse over the bill reflects the complex and multifaceted nature of the issue, emphasizing the delicate balance between individual rights, societal values, and legal considerations.

“Consequently, any attempt to prescribe different treatment to different people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender will be discriminatory and an affront to Article (17) 1 and (2) of the Constitution.”

Sam George, the incumbent Member of Parliament representing Ningo Prampram, has emerged as a prominent advocate for the anti-LGBTQ+ bill in Ghana.

Notably vocal in his stance, he has played a pivotal role as one of the driving forces behind the “Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill,” as previously mentioned. With an unwavering commitment to upholding traditional values and norms, George has become a significant figure in the ongoing discourse surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and legislation in the country.

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