“Use Social Media wisely” – Empress Gifty advises youth

Ghanaian Gospel artist Empress Gifty urges young people to responsibly utilize social media, avoiding any harm towards others.

Empress Gifty points out that some individuals exploit social media as a means to blackmail and insult others, particularly celebrities or popular figures. Additionally, she notices that certain friends resort to social media when they have conflicts with one another.

She believes that social media should be used wisely due to its potential for generating significant financial opportunities. While speaking with Roman Fada on Atinka Drive, she highlights the benefits she has personally experienced from social media, including conducting business and promoting her music.

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She cites examples of her own phrases, such as ‘Noko Fine’ and ‘Noko wisdom,’ becoming popular through the viral nature of social media.

However, Empress Gifty observes that instead of utilizing the platform profitably, some individuals employ it to hire people for the purpose of insulting others. She wishes that people would use social media wisely rather than using it for deceitful purposes.

She expresses concern about the current trend of using social media to blackmail and insult others. She mentions instances where individuals sell pages to others for the sole purpose of insulting them. She emphasizes the negative impact this behavior can have and encourages individuals to consider the consequences of their actions. She advises people to focus on the positive aspects of social media and recognize the financial opportunities it offers.

Addressing those who engage in insults, she questions the benefits they derive from such behavior and advises them to redirect their energy towards productive pursuits. She expresses sorrow for the current generation and wonders whether their actions are influenced by the abundance of data or other factors.

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