Validation process has revealed 60% of Menzgold customers not eligible for payment

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Chief Executive Officer of the now defunct Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah, widely recognized as NAM1, has disclosed that a substantial portion of the customers, more than 60%, do not meet the criteria for payment following the validation process.

According to NAM1, these particular customers’ claims submitted for consideration were marred by a range of issues. These complications encompass inconsistencies in the information provided on the documents, fraudulent supporting documents, and alleged instances of counterfeit authorized signatures.

NAM1 conveyed this information through a statement that has been observed by GhanaWeb.

Nevertheless, he specified that customers who find themselves in this category—constituting 60%—but possess legitimate concerns, are still encouraged to proceed with the process of verifying their status pertaining to their gold trading transactions.

“Unfortunately, over sixty percent of the total claims received were sadly not eligible, thus invalid as the purported claims are plagued by one or several defects,” NAM1 said.

“Based on the above, it’s important for clients who believe they have honest, genuine, and eligible claims to proceed to verify their gold trading transaction status, thus; ascertain as to the validity or otherwise of the purported transactions and hence, an eligibility or ineligibility of any claim whatsoever,” he added.

Menzgold stated that clients now have access to its developed digital platform in order to streamline the verification process and uphold data privacy.

Read Nam 1’s statement below;

Source: Independent Ghana

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