VGMA 19: I was forced to crown Kuami Eugene ‘King of Highlife’- Amakye Dede

In a surprising revelation, Amakye Dede, a veteran Ghanaian highlife musician, recently opened up about being coerced into crowning young highlife and Afro-beat singer Kuami Eugene as the future king of highlife in Ghana.

This disclosure came in response to significant backlash from various players in the music industry, including record producer Zapp Mallet.

During an appearance on the Asaase Breakfast Show, Amakye Dede shared the circumstances surrounding the crowning moment. He made it clear that it was not his desire or intention to bestow the title upon Kuami Eugene, emphasizing that external pressures influenced his decision.

Amakye Dede candidly revealed, “Though I did that, it was not my will to do so. They forced me to crown Kuami Eugene.” He went on to explain that he initially attempted to pass the crown given to him onto someone else, refusing to participate in the act. However, he eventually succumbed to the pressure and carried out the coronation against his own will.

“I even gave the crown they handed over to me to someone to put it down, but they later said, no, I have to crown him, and I did it,” Amakye Dede added, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics that led to the controversial crowning moment.

Amakye Dede’s revelation adds depth to the ongoing discussions and criticisms surrounding the appointment of Kuami Eugene as the future king of highlife. It highlights the influence of external forces and sheds light on the complexities behind such decisions in the music industry. The disclosure has sparked further debate and raised questions about the authenticity and significance of such titles within the genre.

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