Volta Regional Co-ordinating Coucil Suspends “PRAGYA” And “OKADA” Operators From Using Major Routes In Ho Municipality.

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Ahead of preparation towards the 66th Independence Day celebration which will take place at the Volta Regional Resource Centre in Ho, the Co-ordinating Council have sent notice to auto rickshaw (Pragya), tricycle and motorcycle (Okada operators) that their use of routes within the central business area of the Ho municipality for their operations on the said date for the celebration Monday, 6th March 2023 from 5:00am to 8:00pm have been suspended.

Notice have also been sent to this operators that, the use of any route within the Ho municipality to the venue for the anniversary parade have also been suspended.

They are to note that,the only approved routes for use out of the municipality is listed below;

a.Ziavi/skyplus road up to scrap road junction

b.kpenoe-Dabla junction up to Barracks new town.

c.From Deme to the royal hospital road

d.From Ho Airport up to Ho Poly clinic(Leprosarium)

e.SSNIT flat junction to Ho Technical University (Nogora)

f.From Goshen city/National Communication Authority (NCA)to Hotel Stevens junction 

g.From Adaklu Tsrefe up to the Police Barrier at Tsrefe.

The council said the suspension was necessitated to extend the highest standard of courtesy to the dignitaries and guests who would br attending the 66th independence anniversary parade.

They further went on to state that, due to the expected vehicular traffic on that day,coupled with the need to mitigate the dangers especially road crashes associated with “Okada” operation,they deem it necessary for the suspension to take place.

They expect the “Okada” operators to comply with the said directives and letter finally reads that ,the Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council seek a peaceful,stable,united, progressive and prosperous region for a high standard of living for its people.




Letter Signed by the Volta Regional Minister

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