WAEC Clarifies Receipt of GH₵47.125 Million from Government, Not GH₵80 Million

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John Kapi, Head of Public Relations of the West African Examination Council (WAEC), stated that the Council received GH₵47.125 million from the government, not GH₵80 million as previously reported.

This statement responds to a previous assertion by Frank Annor-Dompreh, Member of Parliament for Nsawam Adoagyiri, who declared in Parliament that the government disbursed GH₵80 million to fund the preparation of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

During an interview with Accra-based radio station 3FM, Mr. Kapi clarified that the document he received from the Finance Ministry was for GH₵47.125 million, not GH₵80 million. “The document that I have received from the Finance Ministry today is a warrant for GH₵47.125 million, not GH₵80 million,” he stated

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WAEC stated that the GH₵47.125 million received will only pay immediate BECE needs. Additional cash are needed to process the results and pay outstanding bills. “We will be able to conduct the examination, but we will need more funds to process the results and pay our debtors,” Kapi said.

WAEC purchased examination stationery, including GH₵12.6 million answer booklets, GH₵48 million bond paper for printing, and GH₵1.146 million pencils, as part of pre-exam preparations. Kapi stated that the released monies are insufficient to meet these charges and pay examiners and supervisors.

“To avoid disrupting the academic calendar, we will proceed with the examination,” she said. He highlighted that if the full amount owed to WAEC is settled, the Council will be able to run the tests efficiently and pay off its outstanding debts.

WAEC recently expressed serious worries about the likely cancelation of the BECE, which is slated for July 2024, due to severe financing constraints. The Council emphasized the government’s tardiness in delivering funds to prepare and administer the tests.

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