“We Must Stop the Attitude of Absenteeism and Presenteeism” – Minority Leader of YIP, Hubert Agbaxode

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During the significant event of the third parliament of the Youth Impact Parliament’s inauguration, Hubert Agbaxode, a prominent figure in the role of Minority Leader, fervently urged all esteemed members of the parliament to refrain from exhibiting behaviors of absenteeism and inaction during the parliamentary sessions.

Speaking with utmost passion and conviction to a captivated audience at the Ho Technical University SRC Auditorium, Agbaxode articulated the profound significance of active engagement and robust participation in the proceedings of the parliament.

In a resolute tone, he emphasized that for the aspiring youth leaders to truly evolve into effective agents of change or to make meaningful contributions towards shaping the future, they must promptly put an end to any tendencies of such behaviors and proactively embrace roles in the present.

Agbaxode’s impactful message hinges on the powerful notion that the future isn’t an abstract or distant concept; it is unmistakably molded and defined by the actions, decisions, and initiatives of the present moment. By underscoring the vital importance of youth involvement, he fervently urged the emerging leaders to be accountable, deeply engaged, and unwaveringly committed to their parliamentary responsibilities.

He emphasized that the choices they make and the roles they assume in the current period will intricately steer the course of their leadership journey and subsequently determine the trajectory of progress for their communities and the nation at large. Agbaxode’s message echoes a fundamental reminder that leadership isn’t an aspiration confined to some future time; rather, it’s an immediate duty that necessitates earnest attention and decisive action.

Hubert Agbaxode
Minority Leader receiving the Speakers Award as the most consistent leader of YIP

By invoking the notion that the future isn’t a remote realm but a product of their present actions, Agbaxode’s call to action inspires the youth leaders to seize the current moment with a profound sense of purpose, ownership, and unyielding commitment. He underscores that the potential they harbor as leaders of tomorrow isn’t realized in some distant future; it’s actualized through the active steps they take today.

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