Women’s fellowship leader allegedly snatches Nana Agradaa’s husband

Nana Agradaa has expressed her anguish and disappointment as she recounts how a women’s fellowship leader within her church has taken away her husband.

In a social media post that has gone viral, the founder of the Heaven Way Church openly addressed a situation involving a woman named Auntie Mercy from her congregation who allegedly pursued her husband. Nana Agradaa specifically mentioned that Auntie Mercy holds a position as a women’s fellowship leader within their church.

“From the intelligence I gathered, Autie Mercy did her investigations to get my husband’s number and called him for them to have a conversation I am not aware of,” she said.

According to Nana Agradaa, her husband also didn’t inform him about his conversation with Auntie Mercy.

“They didn’t tell me and it got to the extent that Auntie Mercy sent money to my husband and I am here to say emphatically that Auntie Mercy, you don’t have money more than me and I don’t know the intention of you sending my husband money,” she said in the video


The fetish priest turn evangelist revealed that her husband also did not inform her about the money he received from Auntie Mercy. “I asked you Auntie Mercy but you didn’t tell me, it was the second time that I used psychology on you and you told me,” she added.According to Nana Agradaa, she is disappointed in Auntie Mercy and her husband, hence, has been demoted as leader of the women’s fellowship in her church. Hear more from her in the video below.

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