Yango Driver Saves Choking Girl’s Life

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A Yango driver has received social media plaudits for bravely saving the life of a young passenger who was choking on a bone.

According to the story which was shared by GhOne TV’s official Twitter handle, the yango driver was called when the young girl was choking on a bone.

When the driver was booked, he came right in time, drove the girl to the nearby hospital, and ensure that she was attended to and immediately resuscitated.

“On Sunday the 23rd of October at around 9.30 pm, my sister had an emergency (she mistakenly swallowed a chicken bone) and was literally choking. After failed attempts to reach any of us(her family), she ordered a Yango to take her to the nearest health center to help remove the bone. 

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“The health center was unsuccessful and asked her to find another hospital with an X-ray machine to locate the bone in her throat. Upon reaching the hospital, the driver ended the trip, but instead of leaving, he jumped out of the car and rushed into the hospital with her, waiting for my sister to get the help she needed before he left. 

“Long story short, this Yango driver took my sister around 8 different hospitals in Accra (including a private 24/7 hospital, Ridge, 37, and the Legon Hospital) and got turned away. 

“He spoke on her behalf (since she couldn’t speak) at every hospital until she was admitted to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital at around 12 midnight. He kept encouraging her and telling her everything was going to be alright. 

“After all those rounds, this driver only took GHC 150 just for fuel. My sister is alive and recovering from the surgery that was done to take out the bone. 

“This driver literally helped save her life with his perseverance. God used him. But after the surgery, we have been trying to reach him on the number he called my sister with, just to let him know my sister survived and also express our sincere gratitude… (because he could have easily left her at the first medical center and gone) but his number has been switched off since Monday. 

“Now, I know that social media produces results, so if you see this, please share and assist us in locating OSAE ENOCH, the driver of a beige Kia Morning with car number GW2391-22. 

“If anyone knows him or his whereabouts, kindly contact 0268130873. Thank you for your help in advance. “- IG ( @jessy_ruth__ )

The kind driver has reportedly been found and the family has shared a video call session they had with him to appreciate his kind deed.

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