YOLO, Things We Do For Love cast member, Vincent McCauley dead

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Renowned Ghanaian actor Vincent McCauley has passed away, as reported by Ted News Ghana.

The actor, celebrated for his roles in popular television series such as “Things We Do For Love” (where he portrayed Max) and “YOLO,” is said to have departed on Thursday evening.

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The circumstances surrounding Mr. McCauley’s death remain undisclosed, leaving the cause of his passing unknown at this time.

Vincent McCauley’s legacy extends beyond these iconic roles, encompassing his notable appearances in television shows like “Games People Play,” “Fortune Island,” “Office Palava,” “Living With Trisha: House of Secrets,” and “The Idiot and I.”

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His contributions to the Ghanaian entertainment industry have left an indelible mark, and his presence will be sorely missed.

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