You are beautiful- Don’t add anymore surgeries – Gloria Sarfo to Salma Mumin

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Ghanaian movie star Gloria Sarfo has appealed to actress Salma Mumin not to heed the rants and attacks on social media about her body to do more surgeries.

According to Gloria, Salma looks perfect in her current body but want that she would have a problem with her if she goes under the knife again.

“she has a clothing line and perhaps she thinks she needed a certain attractive body to sell her clothes, I want to appeal to my little sister, not to continue, not to add, she looks good, she shouldn’t listen to anyone and add more.

Gloria shared how other celebrities who have gone under the knife hide in their closet and cry about it but never in the open.

“I know most of them going through a lot, some who cannot lie on their backs, some are not able won’t lie on their side, maybe Salma had a good surgeon and she paid good money and there are no faults or complications. But she shouldn’t get up one morning to add more, if she does she would become my business”

Other guests on the show said ‘Salma should do whatever she wants to do with her body’

Actress Salma Munin responded earlier in the week to several negative comments that targeted the star’s body especially her buttocks. Fans and haters constantly flooded her comments section to make derogatory remarks about her body ‘previous’ body  

on her Instagram Salma posted ” I do not need anyone to around me or on this app to tell me how terrible my body looks, I saw my previous body that yall loved me so much yet trolled me over”

“Till recent times I didn’t know y’all loved it with all your hearts, you called me names upon names but here today telling me was the most beautiful body y’all saw. I saw that body and still went for this ” Salma wrote

“I am addressing it because I have grown out of worrying about your comments about my buttocks. Nothing y’all say get to me. If you don’t like just go and hung a transformer. or jump in the sea”

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