Ama Governor Reveals Being Used as a ‘Bad Example’ in Law Classes

Ama Governor, a YouTuber and law graduate, has revealed that she feels she is being unfairly targeted as an “example” of unworthy individuals within Ghana’s legal profession.

She shared on Twitter her experience of being denied her call to the bar in November 2022 and how she believes false information is being spread about her by certain individuals.

According to Ama, she received a notice from the General Legal Council (GLC) on November 6, 2022, informing her that her call to the bar had been suspended due to a petition filed by a concerned citizen of Ghana on November 3, 2022.

The petition alleged that she engaged in improper conduct that tarnished the reputation of the Ghana School of Law (GSL) and accused her of being queer and involved with women.

Ama Governor

In response, Ama’s lawyer submitted a legal response arguing that the first two grounds were false and based on fabricated evidence, while the third ground, about her queerness, was true but irrelevant. The GLC agreed with her submission and dismissed the petition within 15 minutes during the first hearing.

Despite winning the case, Ama claims she has not been informed about the specifics of her alleged improper conduct since November 6, 2022.

Ama Governor

Ama emphasized that she had not committed any crime or misconduct during her studies or after graduating. She describes herself as a digital content creator who shares her views on feminism, body positivity, sexual liberation, and queerness.

Ama Governor

She firmly believes she has met all the requirements to be called to the bar and is confident in her identity and expression.

Ama Governor

In response to the false information being spread about her, Ama Governor asserts her readiness to account for every content she has shared on the internet.

Ama Governor

She stands by her truth and feels that she is not the unworthy example that some individuals are trying to portray her as.

Ama Governor

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