Lionel Messi embraced as ‘America’s Number 10’ during extravagant unveiling at Inter Miami.

Argentine soccer legend Lionel Messi was formally introduced as a player for Inter Miami during a lavish event held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Sunday night. This marks the beginning of the next chapter in his illustrious career and brings one of the world’s most renowned and marketable athletes to North America.

The unveiling ceremony showcased the excitement and anticipation surrounding Messi’s presence in the region, with fans and sports enthusiasts eagerly looking forward to witnessing his exceptional talent on the field. Lionel Messi’s unveiling as an Inter Miami player took place at Miami’s DRV PNK Stadium, which was filled to capacity with enthusiastic fans.

This stadium serves as the team’s temporary home while they work on constructing their own dedicated venue. The sold-out crowd witnessed the historic moment as one of the greatest footballers of all time was officially presented as part of the Inter Miami squad, further igniting the excitement surrounding his arrival in North America’s soccer scene.

Despite one of Florida’s renowned summer storms, approximately 20,000 people showed their unwavering enthusiasm by attending Lionel Messi’s first official appearance at DRV PNK Stadium since he announced his decision to join Inter Miami in June. The overwhelming support and turnout were evident as the stadium’s capacity of 18,000 was expanded with additional seating to accommodate the large crowd that braved the weather to greet the soccer star.

The impressive attendance reflects the immense anticipation and excitement surrounding Messi’s arrival in the North American soccer scene and showcases the significant impact he is expected to have on the sport in the region.

During the unveiling ceremony at DRV PNK Stadium, Lionel Messi was given a warm welcome and hailed as “America’s number 10, the world’s best number 10.” He was presented with a pink No. 10 jersey bearing his name, symbolizing his iconic shirt number.

Messi poses with Inter Miami owners

In his speech, delivered in Spanish, Messi expressed his emotions, stating that he is deeply moved to be in Miami and is eager to start training and competing with the team. He emphasized his desire to contribute to Inter Miami’s success and growth.

David Beckham, the British co-owner of Inter Miami and a global soccer star in his own right, praised the event, describing it as a typical Miami-style welcome for one of the greatest players to have ever graced the game. The ceremony celebrated Messi’s arrival in North America with a sense of excitement and reverence, recognizing the impact he is expected to make in the soccer community.

David Beckham, British co-owner of inter Miami embraces Lionel Messi warmly.

Lionel Messi’s reputation as one of soccer’s greatest players precedes him, making him one of the most recognizable and commercially valuable figures in the sports world. His decision to leave Europe and join North America’s Major Soccer League (MLS) marks a significant milestone in his career, as it is the first time he will play for a non-European club.

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Messi’s signing with Inter Miami surprised many, as it meant turning down highly lucrative offers to play in Saudi Arabia and other potential deals to remain in Europe. These included the possibility of reuniting with his former club, FC Barcelona, where he had spent nearly two decades.After two years with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi will now be part of the MLS club Inter Miami.

His contract with the team is reportedly set to pay him between $50 million and $60 million annually and will run until the end of the 2025 season. This lucrative deal reflects not only his exceptional talent on the field but also his immense popularity and marketability as a global sports icon.

Lionel interacts with son on the field.

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