There’s no ‘protocol’ in GNFS Recruitment – Accra Regional Commander

Pressure continues to mount at the various centres of the recruitment exercise for the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Prisons Service, Ghana Immigration Service across the country as applicants compete for limited slots.

The exercise which is in its second day has seen hundreds of young Ghanaians with either degree or senior high school certificates try to enlist into the security services.

Among the many challenges facing the applicants, some have cited concerns about what they term, ‘protocol allocation.’ They claim they are competing with persons who have the backing of higher echelons.

But reacting to the claims, Regional Commander of the Accra Region, ACFO1 Alhaji Nuhu Gibril debunked such assertions.

He intimated that the only system at play were the ones outlined by the officials supervising the procedures.
“There is no protocol. The system is there, the requirement is there, the people have applied. They are going through the second stage. You could see that they have been arranged orderly. Those who are going for body selection are going, those who are going for height checks are there. Those going for documentation, etc. the process is going on and that is the process we are following,” he told TV3’s Laud Adu-Asare in an interview.

Hundreds of young Ghanaians continue to queue to be enlisted into the various security services.
The various security Services in the country namely, Police service, Immigration service, Fire Service, Prisons service are to augment their staffing with eleven thousand two hundred and forty 11,240 personnel.

The precarious unemployment situation in the country has left many youth no choice but to try to be enlisted into the security services which have job security until one retires.

Thousands of young people join Ghana’s labour force every year with either degree or senior high school certificates, whiles there are only a few available jobs to employ the thousands of people.
The Ghana police service will employ five thousand personnel, the Ghana immigration service will take on two thousand new personnel.

The Ghana prisons service will be taking on two thousand new personnel whiles the Ghana National Fire Services will also be taking two thousand (2000) personnel.
The national security apparatus will also be recruiting one hundred (100) personnel, with National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) recruiting one hundred and forty (140) personnel.


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